“Briana is one of the best kinesiologists I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Trust me – I was not open to working with anyone new, and I’m so glad the stars aligned and we got to connect! She has an incredible ability to know the body and cue adjustments. Briana was so very caring and empathetic when I was undergoing anxiety attacks from a car accident and environmental factors. I would come in fatigued and stressed, and she would always be able to adjust the day’s workout to fit the state my body and mind were feeling. I would walk out feeling accomplished! Bri is top notch and became a friend along my healing journey. If you get the opportunity to work with her as a personal trainer or kinesiologist you are in amazing hands!” – CP

“I have been working out in the garden for the last couple of days and I am thrilled with what I can do without pain! I can get up and down, no problem. I’m amazed at my progress in a few months. Thank you so much. You know what you’re doing and have helped me so much!” – CV

“Briana is a patient, knowledgeable and motivating trainer. I am a 73-year-old with osteoporosis & scoliosis. When I started with Briana I couldn’t even get in and out of the bathtub, and I didn’t have the strength to pull on my tenser nylons. Now I can easily do these things and so much more! I recommend Briana highly. I just keep getting stronger and stronger with no injuries when I am training under her direction.” – LT

Briana, we’ve enjoyed training with you and getting to know you. It’s been much more than simply an hour of training. It’s been seeing someone we both value and enjoy spending time with. Thanks for being so caring and diligent in everything you’ve done with us.” – JH

Briana is a fantastic individual who is driven to provide well rounded care in a positive atmosphere. I find I am given lots of useful information, and Briana caters to the individual needs. There is also a great sense of encouragement and motivation that comes from Briana’s positive nature and reinforcement. I have thoroughly enjoyed the appointments so far as they have had results. I feel that I am being listened to which allows more of an opportunity to grow and heal. Briana has ensured I fully understand what is expected of me for homework as well as provided examples of those exercises, as I find it very helpful having visual cues in order to be able to do the exercises properly. I often found it frustrating when given homework at other offices in the past as reference materials were never provided once the appointment was over. This organization and ability to ensure the most effective and proper methods are being used is a very valuable addition to Briana’s practice. I am thankful to be healing thanks to Briana and Dr. Linda Drake.” – SM