Online Training

Online services are a great solution for those who prefer to experience remote kinesiologist-guided training. It is my goal to educate and empower my online students through smart, effective programming. I am committed to delivering regular personalized coaching to help you reach your fitness goals. 


TrueCoach is on online platform I use to upload video-based programs. TrueCoach enables you to share videos and comments each training day so I can provide direct feedback, progressions, and guidance. 

Programming includes 3 days per week on a monthly subscription or other customizable options.


Additional Options

I offer many flexible options for individualized programming and feedback including:

  • Live Virtual Telehealth and Zoom training sessions
  • Personalized strength training plans
  • Kettlebell technique and feedback
  • Home Workout Plans for Women

What do Briana’s Clients Have to Say?

“I have been working out in the garden for the last couple of days and I am thrilled with what I can do without pain! I can get up and down, no problem. I’m amazed at my progress in a few months. Thank you so much. You know what you’re doing and have helped me so much!” – CV